Guide to Playing Poker Online for Beginners

Agen Poker Online – Guide to Playing Poker Online for Beginners

Poker is a card game that is familiar and even worldwide, however, there are still many who do not understand how to play this idn poker card game. Well This time we will share a few tips / guidelines about the important elements in playing poker. What are they?

Of course, first before you start playing online poker, you must have one of the most trusted agen poker online who can help you in creating an online poker account, deposit and withdraw your winnings if you win the online poker game. After that, then you can follow the tips below:

IDN poker

Poker card

The first important element in playing poker is playing cards. These cards total 52 cards which are divided into 4 shapes and 2 colors, namely red cards in the form of Hearts and Diamonds, while black cards are in the form of Club (Curly) and Spade (Cards are arranged in sequence from the smallest number up to the biggest.

Rankings / Sequences in Poker Games

Maybe if playing daftar poker online is no stranger to the terms Flush, Straight, One Pair, Three of Kind etc … of course these terms are also an important element in playing poker. For those of you who do not understand this term, we will undergo one surgery at a time for you. We start from the lowest order as follows:

High card

As the name implies, if the card the player is holding does not have a match of shape or number with the card that comes out on the table, then the winner of this session will be the player who holds the highest card. The highest card in a poker game is 1 (US) lowest card is 2 (two)

For example: There is no match of the shape of the card you hold with the one on the table, your highest card is 10 (Ten), your opponent’s highest card is 8 (eight). Then you are the winner in the game

One Pair

It says a pair because the card you hold has the same number as the card that comes out on the table and Pair with the highest number will be the winner. Suppose you hold a J Diamond card, the card that comes out on the table is J Heart, then you have got 1 pair, but it turns out your opponent holds a K Heart card and is spelled out a K Diamond card, then your opponent will be the winner because he has a Pair number which is bigger even though both are One Pair (K is greater than J)

Two Pair

Two Pair is one level higher than One Pair because Two Pair has a matching number of two, while One Pair is only one. If you and your opponent both get Two Pair, then you will also find the Pair with the highest number. For example: You have a match of numbers ie Number 2 and Number 5, but your opponent turns out to have a match in numbers 4 and 6, then the winner is your opponent because the number 6 is greater than your number 5.

3 of a Kind (3 cards that have the same number)

You get 2 and 3 and then you get confused because it is the smallest number, while your friend gets K and J, but it turns out the number 3 (Two Seeds) on the table, then you will be the winner even though your opponents have the same K and J cards ( 3 of a Kind is bigger than Two Pair).

Straight (5-card sequence)

A straight occurs if your card is sequenced if combined with the cards on the table. For example: You have 9 Diamond and 10 Heart Cards and then the numbers that come out on the table are 8, J, Q Then your card is called Straight because it has 5 Cards in the order of 8,9,10, J, Q. However, if your opponent has a higher number, then your friend will be the winner.

Flush (5 Card Types of the same shape)

It turns out that the shape of the card is also decisive in poker, not only having the highest number or sequence. If you have 5 cards in common, then you are declared Flush. For example: You hold a 2 Spade, 5 Spade card and it turns out that at the Table 7 Spade, 9 Spade and J Spade exit, then you are declared to have the same form of 5 cards. Flush is one tier higher than the Card Straight (Straight).

Full House (3 of a Kind + One Pair Card)

This title is for those of you who have gotten the same 3 digits plus one pair (One Pair). Suppose you hold the number 3 Spade and 3 Club, It turns out you are hokki, at the table comes out the numbers 3 Heart and 9 Heart and 9 Spade (One Pair), Congratulations you have just declared Full House.

Straight Flush (5 Cards of the same suit and hand)

Where you hold 5 cards of the same suit and it turns out that the sequence is called a Straight Flush. This card is quite difficult to get, so if you already have this card, 90% victory is yours.

Royal Flush (5 cards of the same suit but sequential from number 10 to US Card)

Almost the same as Straight Flush, but this card is more difficult to get because they have to be in the order of numbers from 10 to US numbers with the same type. Because the US number is the highest number in the game of Poker. For those who get this card has been confirmed as a winner (Like in the Film)