Does poker without betting money have an interest?

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qbsway.comDoes poker without betting money have an interest?. Appeared two or three centuries ago, poker is THE card game in fashion. His origins are subject to debate but it is in the United States that he will experience its growth. Poker has then kept developing and we are really seeing a craze for this game of money. Visit this site for Poker terpercaya.

Poker: A definite success

It will be necessary to wait until the years 2000 so that the poker knows a rise in popularity with the general public. The success of Texas Hold’em is largely related to the development of the Internet: the creation of online gambling sites, international tournaments, retransmission of these, multiplication of dedicated channels.

poker terpercaya

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The concept of poker seduces the public quickly: the player must bet a sum of money, even derisory, and to show ruses, strategies but also of an excellent psychology of the game and its adversaries to overcome and win the jackpot. The money would have a significant influence on the success of poker but also on the performance of players.

Adrenaline rush from poker

All will tell you, poker is an adrenaline rush, a fight every second to unmask his opponent and hit the jackpot. The poker player tries to decipher the one he has in front of him, to break through his secrets, to find his flaws. Without gain vision, poker loses interest: the opposing player no longer feels the need to challenge others because there is no reward.

Game of chance, poker still leaves a “controlled share of luck”, like other card games (belotte, tarot, …), but it’s money, intrinsic element to poker, which is the motivation and the driving force that allows you to move forward in the game. And that’s what differentiates poker from other card games: to want to win, it’s not enough to have a good hand, you have to have the will to beat the opponent, and it is the bet that gives that will.

Money, essential to poker?

We would be tempted to say that real money poker is proving to be more interesting because it is what makes you feel emotion, sometimes tension, but we can temper this discourse since, after all, the most important thing is to keep the pleasure of playing.

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